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UK Chamber of Shipping





The UK Chamber of Shipping approached Pyramid to provide a suitable sound reinforcement solution to address a number of issues experienced with their existing AV system in their divisible meeting spaces.


An interest was also expressed in the possibility of upgrading the existing AV system to incorporate an integrated control system to provide the client with full control of each meeting room space, as well as the supply of additional microphone equipment for their large meeting / lecture style room.




The system was designed to professionally manage the video and audio signals which required distribution across a large divisible meeting room with multiple functions and therefore setups.


The system also incorporated a control system so that the end user could easily control the system with confidence. We ensured there was also the option of the future integration of a video conferencing unit.



Existing floor based HDMI connections, projectors and repeater screens were rewired to the 8×8 matrix switcher specified, which allowed any laptop input to be sent to any screen, or projector output, or multiples thereof.


Control of the matrix switcher was via a very simple, web based user interface. This interface was accessible from the main reception PC to allow configuration of the rooms prior to meetings and events taking place, whilst an iPad was used for audio conferencing control. Preset room scenarios were also created for ease of use, requiring minimalistic user input, with an interface suitable for all levels of user.




We supplied and installed a Polycom Soundstructure C12 DSP (digital signal processor) to distribute the sound across all twelve ceiling speakers, with the option to connect to a telephone line to allow for audio conferencing calls.


The DSP was specifically chosen for its built in feedback or “echo” cancelling functionality. The system also allowed for laptop audio to be distributed and routed to individual rooms to suit.


We also provided the following solutions;


  • Two high quality, wireless handheld microphone systems for a “questions and answers” style setup.
  • One fixed lectern mounted microphone. This provided a relable solution to replace the existing wireless setup.
  • The ceiling amplifiers were relocated to one single equipment rack location.




An AMX NX3200 central processor provided the main AV systems control requirement.


User control was via a virtual touch panel interface which was installed onto the main reception PC and a mini iPad, allowing flexible and simple ad-hoc system control, such as adjusting volume levels and selecting laptop inputs within each location, as and when required.


The control system was programmed to ensure users could operate the AV system easily and intuitively through the creation of simple presets which will refer to the various room layouts, whether three single rooms, two combined, or all three combined – video and audio feeds were routed automatically upon selection of the room present.


At the request of the client, control was also added to individually automate the lowering of the projection screens.



Remote Dial-in Facility

A remote management system was deployed in tandem with the client’s IT department as a standalone system. The facility allows our engineers to securely connect to the system and monitor / resolve any reported technical issues promptly.  Our engineers are also able to check the status of the main components and recycle the power remotely if required.




The UK Chamber of Shipping team were so impressed with the results that Pyramid now enjoy working relationships with several of their associated companies. We also continue to provide ongoing support in the form of a regular preventative maintenance contract.


If you want to find out more about our Commercial AV and Design Consultancy services than please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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15th May 2018


Case Study, Commercial AV

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