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Home Automation with Pyramid AV

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A home automation system should make your life easier! Many competing systems are available and the choices for consumers when considering smart devices for their home can be very confusing.


At Pyramid, we believe that a smart home should combine all your chosen devices into one simple to use system, and as such, we partner with the leading smart home system Control 4. Using the latest OS3 user interface, controlling all of these devices is made super simple, and users can have simple, one press access to a host of options such as setting room or house modes, selecting a favourite music playlist or a station in a room, arming security settings when away from the home, saving energy with smart lighting, the list is almost endless!


Remember, smart should not mean complicated, and a system executed properly by a professional integrator such as Pyramid AV will give many years of reliability and pleasure. If you want to experience Control 4 for yourself, we’d be delighted to show you around our amazing Control4 Experience Centre!

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Control4 Smart Home OS 3

Enjoy control like you’ve never experienced before. Control4 OS 3 is intuitive, providing easy access, personalisation and control capabilities that make your smart home uniquely your own, connecting all the devices across your entire home for easy to use control.

learn MORE about Control4 OS 3

Smart Lighting 

Smart homes systems should complement your lifestyle and make life easier. Using carefully selected partners, such as Control4 and Crestron, we seamlessly integrate your whole home covering lighting, heating, security, shading and the all-important multi-zoned audio systems into one simple to use system.

Going one step further, once your lighting is automated a whole world of opportunities opens up such as enhanced security functions for when you are away from home, time of day settings automatically setting the lighting to suit the moment, ie dim the lighting at night time or turning on your garden and patio lights of an evening, or even turning off the entire house from one button next to your bedside.

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Smart Audio

Distribute music from one location throughout your home with a multi-zone audio system, allowing you to play your favourite music such as playlists in any room of your choosing. Control the speaker volume in each room individually, or all at the same time.

Choose from a variety of indoor speaker systems including in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen/ dinner, or discreet garden surround sound systems, all controlled from one single control4 app.

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Smart Video

Multi-room smart video connects all your TV’s in your home together, hiding away technology while still giving your quick access to all your content. You can easily stream a TV station or movie in multiple rooms at the same time, Set the TV to turn on at a certain time of day, open and close blinds automatically when the TV is turned on/off and even set the lighting to your favourite viewing scene.

learn more about multi-room video

Heating and Comfort

With smart heating controls, you can adjust the heating and cooling systems inside your home at the touch of a button giving you complete control over the temperature in each and every room, whether you are at home or away.

learn more about heating and comfort controls

Home Security

A smart home security system will typically include a combination of CCTV, alarms and door entry systems. Using the Control4 app on your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your home by receiving alerts, viewing images and automatically detecting motion outside your home. Control4 will notify you on your smartphone and send you live images allowing you to assess the situation and react is necessary wherever you are in the world.

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Automated Shading/ Blinds and Curtains

Smart shading gives you complete control over your blinds or curtains via the use of an app or dedicated keypad button in the room. Automated shading is not only convenient but allows you to maintain the temperature in a room by controlling solar gain, reducing your energy bills as a result. In addition, they are a great way of improving your security by having them close automatically at certain times of the day.

learn more about automated shading


Having a strong network system is the backbone of any successful smart home system. Here at Pyramid AV we always ensure that you have consistent Wi-Fi throughout your home by using wireless access points, which can be mounted in your ceiling, hidden within furniture or placed outside for a great garden coverage.

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Your smart home will have a variety of options to control your functions, from simple buttons on a keypad to the amazing Control4 app on your phone, bringing all your homes’ devices together in one simple to use but powerful system.

learn more about control4 smart controls

Voice Control

Using your favourite voice control assistant, you can control a specific device, a few devices simultaneously, or your entire Control4 Smart Home with just your voice. Effortlessly activate music, turn on or off a single light or multiple fixtures at once, lock doors, or adjust the temperature, all without lifting a finger.

learn more about voice control


Keypadshave a customisable interface allowing you to combine flexible button configuration for quick control. At a simple press of a button you can activate a scene, such as ‘Good Night’, this will lock all doors, turn lights off and set the alarms simultaneously.

learn more about Control4 Keypads

Smartphone / Devices

To be able to control your home through your smart device, you simply need the Control4 app on your phone or tablet. This allows you to have remote access to all of the systems in your home, making it much easier for you to control them, whether you’re in the kitchen or on the other side of the world.

Learn more about Control4 on all your devices

Hand Held Remotes

Just like an app on your phone, a smart remote will allow you to control your whole home with ease, making it easy to change the lighting in any room, play your favourite playlist, temperature controls, entertainment, blinds and any smart appliances that you have. Or, just change the channel on your TV!

learn more about Control4 Smart remotes

Home Automation

Home automation may be much more advanced than you may have thought of. When you build on a strong foundation, such as an advanced smart av operating system that powers your whole home, the possibilities are completely endless. With the right technology and knowledge, there’s no limit to the functionality you can achieve in your home.

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