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Ladies Lake wins ‘Best Whole Home Project’ Award

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Ladies Lake view from driveway in Scotland

Ladies Lake wins ‘Best Whole Home Project’ Award

We are enormously proud to announce that Ladies Lake has won Best Whole Home Project in the EMEA Region at this years Control 4 ISE Awards!

Ladies Lake in St Andrews, Scotland is a new build property featuring the usual list of automated home technology, but with a key element of a complex lighting system featuring ‘human centric lighting’ in the living spaces. A bespoke solution by ourselves at Pyramid where we created a two way system that responds to time of day/astronomical clock events and is a hybrid of three separate systems all synced together via Control 4. The clients use the property as a holiday home and the use of circadian lighting is designed to assist with the jet lag associated with each trip to Scotland from the US. It’s also a stunning property in a unique fabulous cliff top location.


Seamless Control

Incorporating seamless control of multi zone audio and video systems, climate control inc integration of under-floor heating and mechanical heat recovery, blinds & curtains, complex lighting, discrete video monitoring and door access, a remote
HD ‘wildlife’ camera, gate and door security controls, remote monitoring of the entire property, and all via a simple Control 4 user interface and app.

Integrating various control protocols into this property with the desire to ensure the building operated autonomously was a big challenge. Bringing together the various layers of integration, marrying them with Control 4 and ensuring ease of use was always going to be the biggest challenge we faced.

Control 4’s simple GUI architecture goes a long way to simplify the command process and provide the all-important ease of use for the Clients. We also designed, supplied and commissioned the cutting edge architectural lighting systems for the entire property and grounds. Incorporating a host of modern lighting solutions, the energy efficient, all LED system was designed not only to enhance the stunning architecture and interior designs, but also provide a unique circadian lighting system that mimics the natural sun’s light throughout the day in order to ensure the human biological rhythms are in tune at all times.

Designed by Andrew Black Design in Dundee, Ladies Lake is already an award winning project, winning the ‘Supreme Award’ at the DIA 2016 Awards in October. The bronze-clad house built in cut sandstone also took the awards for ‘Best New House’ and ‘Best Use of Stone’. The inside is every bit as special as the outside, with sandstone walls and frameless glass giving sweeping views out to sea.

Overall, Ladies Lake was a 30 month project for Pyramid from initial consultation and design, through to installation and commissioning. Managed and installed by our in-house team of Engineers, we delivered our most complex and successful residential project in the UK to date and are delighted to be recognized for this prestigious award.


View our Case Study for Ladies Lake by clicking here

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