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Human Centric Lighting

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Landscape image showing different colour temperatures throughout the day which is used to create a circadian lighting curve

Human Centric Lighting

The effects of light on our biological rhythms is a fascinating topic and one that is creeping into common language for lighting designers across the world. Human Centric Lighting as it’s known has developed as a result of the numerous advances in LED technology, coupled with an understanding of how light effects us biologically.

We have recently completed a project where the entire property dynamically changes the colour temperature of the lighting in order to match the natural variations of lights as it moves from dawn to dusk. The lighting automatically changes subtly throughout the day from warm, to cool, to warm again in the evening. Promoting the natural sleep drug Seritonin with warmer colour temperatures in the evening, and the bluer light that mimics daylight helps regulate the body’s internal clock and promote a healthier wake/sleep pattern. This can even help promote recovery from jet lag!



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Nic Black – Managing Director

Owner and Managing Director of The Pyramid Group. Senior consultant to key clients across EMEA as well as a CEDIA Award winning lighting designer and luxury cinema creator. CEDIA Awards Judge and CEDIA Outreach Instructor
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