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Registry Office in London Borough of Sutton

The Pyramid Group / Registry Office in London Borough of Sutton

Registry Office in London Borough of Sutton




We were contacted directly by the client to design an AV system for their new conference facility within a registry office that they were refurbishing located in Sutton, London.



Our AV system was designed around the key user requirements;

  • High brightness ceiling recessed projector with 3m wide ceiling recessed projection screen
  • Main floor box AV input plate for local connection of a presenter/lectern position
  • Wireless presentation device
  • Audio system
  • Main infrastructure & control equipment


Display Hardware

Due to the advised space restrictions between the ceiling joists, we specified a small NEC P554U projector with a Future Automation PD2.5 projection lift. Alongside this, a ceiling recessed 3m 16:10 ratio projection screen was chosen to maintain the aesthetics of the room, ensuring the equipment is concealed  when not in use.


Audio Hardware

For the audio system, we used two Bose MA12 column line array speakers to be wall mounted within the main presentation space. These speakers provide outstanding audio coverage in this type of environment as they have twelve individual drivers in each unit stacked vertically which results in a 145 degree horizontal dispersion of sound, whilst keeping the vertical dispersion to a minimal 20 degrees, ensuring that the high open spaces will not cause any distortion for the listener.


In addition to this, we included two Bose DS40SE speakers which were wall mounted in a central position to the room to provide rear of the room audio reinforcement. A handheld and headset microphone were included as part of the audio system for main presentation use.


A Bose ESP-1240 digital sound processor (DSP) was specified to manage and process all audio feeds ensuring that quality and consistent audio levels are achieved within the space.


A Denon Heos unit was also included to allow for wireless playback of audio from. Mobile, tablet or. MP3 devices from Spotify playlists that may be created by the events team or their clients. The Denon Heos unit also benefits from USB inputs providing additional connectivity to users when required.


Wireless Presentation Functionality

A WePresent presentation device was included in the AV system to provide users with the added functionality of presenting content wirelessly from the clients laptop or mobile device to the projection system and/or relay screens,


AV System Control

It was important for the system to be designed and controlled in a manner that minimal support is required to users from onsite personnel, therefore we specified an AMX based control system along with an iPad controller to provide an easy to use and intuitive method of system control.



The upgrades to the registry office has ensured that the venue remains a well loved and popular marriage destination.


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22nd August 2019


Case Study, Commercial AV

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