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FATHOM Multi-Experiential Event

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FATHOM Multi-Experiential Event




As part of the Ocean City Festival in Plymouth we were invited to take part in a very cool event called FATHOM.


Conceived by John Grant and John Matthias, Fathom was a multi experiential event based around one simple principle, the sounds of the sea in and around the world famous Plymouth Sound recorded at a depth of one fathom, or 6’ to be precise!


The venue was one of the remaining undeveloped spaces at the historic Royal William Yard in Plymouth, and it’s dilapidated state, peeling paint, leaking roof and wet floors and decommissioned crane all added up to a very interesting venue!


Our good friend and colleague Simon Honywill was tasked with recording and re-creating the incredible sound scape. From a set of recordings taken from the Sound using specialist equipment, along with a live mix of audio from the edge of the yard itself. Simon and the team literally immersed you into an underwater world of the most amazing sounds imaginable.


The big trick was that using Martin Audio‘s amazing MLA speaker system, (this collection of speakers is used on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury) meant that the power and quality was incredible. The key aspect of the system is it’s ability to create a complete cut off within a given space. This transpires as an incredible effect as you step up the rickety ladders in the centre of the room, where you are immersed in this undersea cacophony of sounds, and emerge literally as if you have raised your head above the surface! The sounds of the surface were literally all around you as you reach the 6’ level. Quite remarkable, and so powerful.




Well, in this case we were asked to provide the lighting design. We have included this within our Lighting Case Studies section as we are proud of the fact that using basic principles, and simple techniques, we were able to transform the space, and more importantly the overall special experience of the audience with little more than some wide angle profile lanterns and a powerful haze machine.


As you took those few steps up towards the surface, you emerged into the eery light and fog in the air around you.


OK, so it’s not a high end architectural design, but actually a simple effect that added to the overall experience and enjoyment. The organisers remarked that the evening shows were incredible, as the shed felt like it was a lost ship marooned at night in the sea fog.




A great project to work on and a great team too! Check our video below to find out more.




If you want to find out more about our event support or lighting design services then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team!


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2nd March 2017


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