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Control4 Keypads

A Smarter way of Controlling your Smart Home!

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Control4 Keypads. The perfect interface for complete personalisation made to work hand in hand with you and your smart home.


To learn more about Control4 Keypads read on, or contact a member of the Pyramid team to discuss your Home Automation requirements.

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A Control4 smart home seamlessly integrates all the electronic devices in your entire home into one, easy to use system. Audio, video, lighting, shadings and heating all working in harmony, personalised to suit your lifestyle.

Buttons allow for quick control of your favourite scenes. For example, a “Goodnight” button can be configured to turn off all the lights, lock the doors and arm the alarm, all at once.

Personalise your Keypad

Button Configurations: Each keypad can include 1-6 buttons in various configurations. The bottom button can also include up and down volume arrows. Four different button sizes allow for a total of 37 possible configurations.

LED Backlighting and Engraving: Your buttons can be backlit with a wide choice of colours available. You can also use icons to enhance your custom buttons. There is a maximum of 8-12 characters for each button and an icon can help communicate functions with fewer characters.

Customisable: Choose from a wide variety of Faceplates and Button finishings from, white, black, aluminium, nickel, bronze and many more to complement the decor of your home.

Customising your keypads is a great way to personalise your automation system and mould it into something that’s uniquely yours. And don’t fret if a year later you’re ready for a change. Buttons can be popped off and replaced for newly engraved pieces.

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Smart Keypad Controls with Control4

Keypad controls are just one smart home solution that Control4 offers.

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Find out more on what can be automated in your home by clicking the link below, or contact a member on the team to discuss your smart home questions.

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