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A Smarter Home

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A Smarter Home

We’ve taken a look at smart technology for the home in the hope of making smart a little bit simpler. With more people considering smart technology for their homes, it’s easy to find yourself inundated with a myriad of devices to choose from, with an accompanying confusion-induced headache to boot!

A recent study, conducted by the online design service Houzz, suggests that nearly 50% of people in the US who were considering renovations or upgrades to their property chose to do so using smart technologies. A system or device has smart capability if it can be monitored and/or controlled from a mobile device and/or a computer. So the big question is, why are people adopting these technologies so eagerly?


Nearly half of renovating homeowners are incorporating smart systems or devices during their renovation projects, with one in ten upgraded homes having five or more smart devices after renovation. But it doesn’t stop with the number of devices, as they are more likely to report high levels of satisfaction with their new smart homes compared to those installing devices without mobile connectivity, with particular reference to home entertainment systems.


But with smart devices covering a wide range of areas, it’s important to consider which aspect of your home you would be interested in updating. Security and safety were particularly high up in the survey. Seeking freedom to monitor or control their home security remotely is a big motivating factor for those adopting smart security gadgets, providing convenience alongside peace of mind.
Using smart lighting systems not only improves the ambience of the home with convenient scene settings but offer large energy savings and provides ‘away from home’ occupancy mimicking as a deterrent, another effective security feature. Similarly, you can improve energy usage again by gaining remote monitoring and access to a smart thermostat, ensuring that no matter where you are your home will be running smoothly and cost-effectively.


If you are thinking of planning a system then talk to an expert to guide you through what is an ever-increasing set of choices and jargon.


a smarter home, a smarter home

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