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Is your meeting space a throwback to the year 2000?

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Room booking solutions for meeting spaces

Is your meeting space a throwback to the year 2000?

We have all been there: it’s the big day and the all too familiar ‘No Screen Signal’ presents itself. There is nothing more embarrassing and frustrating than hosting a meeting where the presentation technology fails you, and yet for many this is still the norm! Falling at the first hurdle like this halts the meeting flow in its tracks, aside from setting an unprofessional tone, from which it can be very hard to recover.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to give your meeting space an MOT. With the right solutions, you can increase the quality of your meetings whilst decreasing the time actually spent in them!

Transforming your meeting space

Seamless and productive meetings are not the stuff of science fiction, with a range of conferencing solutions available with inherent benefits for employees and organisations, this can be your reality.


Be spontaneous!

Always unplugging laptops between presentations? Introducing ‘BYOD’ to your meeting spaces means that presentations can be seamlessly shared using smartphones and tablets wirelessly. ‘Bring Your Own Device’ represents the ability to present new ideas and share best practice and most of all collaborate to be flexible and spontaneous!

Be dynamic!

Are your meeting rooms always double booked or frustratingly left unused because of a no show? Make your spaces work harder and ensure resources are managed efficiently with a room management system. Room and desk screens allow anyone to check-in, book an available space or release it, whilst essential real-time data is gathered about each booking, helping you perfect and adapt your evolving, dynamic workspace.


Get sustainable!

Champion remote participation and more sustainable and resource smart strategies for meetings with a video conference system. Cloud based systems are affordable and so simple that even the most technophobic can master them in seconds, and the benefits of video conferencing are well known, from keeping dispersed teams connected, to promoting more engaged and personal relationships throughout your organisation.

Pyramid provide solutions for everything from cable management to full blown video conference suites, huddle rooms and boardrooms, whilst our regular scheduled maintenance contracts ensure you maximize the resources you have, give peace of mind, and leave a positive lasting impression on employees and clients alike.


Contact us to gain a better understanding of the options available and make your meeting room tech work for you.

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