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Control4 OS 3

Control4 Smart Home OS 3

Your Home made even Smarter!

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The most enhanced user interface from Control4.


To learn more about Control4 OS 3 read on, or contact a member of the Pyramid team to discuss your Home Automation requirements.

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Your Favourites for your Convenience

With all-new Favorites, every smart home is unique. Put your most frequently used icons on the main “dashboard” screen. Anything across your entire home can be added to the top so those icons are front and center on your phone, touchscreen, or Neeo remote when you need them. Fewer touches. Fewer taps.

Just like you’re used to on your smartphone, it’s as easy as hold-and-drag to add, arrange, remove, and favourite your most commonly used devices, streaming services, and scenes.

Simplicity at its Finest

OS 3 is intuitive, providing easy access and control for all devices across your home. See only the lights that are on, music that is currently playing, or glance at the entire home in one place using interfaces and gestures you’re familiar with.

More Personalised than ever Before

OS 3 gives you unmatched personalisation and control capabilities that make your smart home uniquely your own. Mark your most frequently used rooms as favourites so you can quickly swipe between them, and every room is customisable to your liking, right down to the  background screen wallpaper for each space on your smart controls.

Control4 on all your Devices

Combine devices from across the entire home into a single screen, so you can instantly view the status of your security system, smart door locks, shades that are open, or lights throughout the home—and take immediate control.

OS 3 icons visually represent individual states for connected devices, so you can instantly see whether a door is locked, the lights are on, or the garage is open.

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OS 3 with Control4

Control4 have the products to enable control of virtually anything in your home, tied to a system that makes living and interacting with them easily for the whole family.

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Find out more on what can be automated in your home by clicking the link below, or contact a member on the team to discuss your smart home questions.

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